APLA Response to Globe and Mail op-ed

Halifax, August 26, 2020. APLA Response to Globe and Mail op-ed.

The Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA) is one of the most enduring library organizations in North America, with a membership representing all levels of interest and participation.  The association’s mission is to promote the interests of libraries in the Atlantic Provinces while fostering the development of librarians, library technicians and information professionals.  We care deeply about public libraries and the people who use them

In his opinion piece published in the Globe and Mail on July 25, Ken Whyte argues that borrowing from public libraries, to a considerable degree, interferes with book sales and therefore with the incomes of authors and booksellers.  In contrast, the members of APLA are confident that the work we do to encourage reading not only strengthens equity, diversity and inclusion through literacy and access to knowledge, but also increases the demand for books and other reading material, in all formats, from all sources. 

Encouraged by the steadfast support offered by individuals as well as organizations, the members of APLA will continue to work with public health officials to restore library services to the fullest extent possible.

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