Communications and Public Relations Committee


The convener shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees and Interest Groups for a two year term. Membership shall include the following: APLA President, APLA listserv postmaster, Vice-President for Membership, editor of the APLA Bulletin, webpage editor, and convenor of the Francophone Interest Group. The committee may include other members.

Terms of Reference:

  • publicize and promote the aims and activities of APLA to libraries and other related organizations and to the general public of the Atlantic Provinces
  • promote communication among members and to make the committee visible to all members of the Association
  • maintain the APLA listserv
  • maintain the APLA website
  • edit the APLA Membership Directory
  • compile annually a list of library-related associations in the Atlantic Provinces for inclusion in the APLA Membership Directory
  • assist the Bulletin Management Board as necessary in order to ensure the continuance of the APLA Bulletin as the publication of the Association
  • organize a session at each annual conference to increase the visibility of the committee and communication among APLA members
  • provide at least one topical article a year on its activities, to be published in the APLA Bulletin



Kim Mears