Aims and Objectives Committee Report

Lou Duggan

Committee members:

  • Lou Duggan (Chair; VP / President Elect)
  • Sharon Haley-Mancini (VP Nova Scotia)
  • Tina Murphy (VP, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Trina O'Brien Leggott (VP, Prince Edward Island)
  • Christin Sheridan (VP New Brunswick)
  • Ann Smith (VP Membership)

Invited guests:

  • Alexandra Brooks Robinson (Bulletin Co-Editor)
  • Nicole Dixon (Bulletin Co-Editor)
  • Pamela Maher (Communications and Public Relations)
  • Kelly Moore (Executive Director, CLA)


The Aims and Objectives Committee met five times to review how well the various programs of the association help to fulfill the aims and objectives of APLA, as defined for the purposes of this review by the objectives, mission, and strategic goals of the Association.

For the purposes of this review, "programs" included the following: all grants, awards, scholarships, interest groups, communications and promotions, the conference and the Bulletin. Each was discussed, and guests were invited where applicable. For example the discussion of interest groups included Kelly Moore, who shared with us the rationale of CLA's restructuring of their interest groups.

The minutes of each meeting are available upon request, and will be filed with the secretary for archiving. For the purposes of this report, only recommendations from the Aims and Objectives Committee to the APLA Executive are included.

Grants, Awards and Scholarships

Memorial Award

Reports from winners of this award to the APLA Bulletin are not consistent. The committee recommends that a more formal reporting mechanism be put in place, and follow-up be made a duty of either an executive member or the Bulletin editors.

Merit Award

The committee requests that the Executive review the wording for the jury membership. A clear definition of the makeup of "The Executive" is needed.

APLA Prize

The committee requests that the Executive review the amount of the prize and consider raising it from the current amount of $500.00. It is understood that this will have to wait until the 2013 budget at the earliest.

First Timer's Conference Travel Grant and Somers Scholarship

The committee requests that the Communications and PR committee review the promotion for this grant and scholarship as a means of reaching more non-members, but potential members.

Interest Groups (IGs)

APLA should consider taking ideas from CLAs network model in terms of the IG formation and disbanding.

Terms of Reference must be made by founding members, and a minimum number of founding members should be required

No indefinite time limit. Some mechanism for deciding when an IG will be disbanded should be put in place (e.g. if there is no convenor)

The convenor's role and the support of the Executive should be clarified. The executive should only support a new group in terms of setup for a listserv, etc. the running of business of the group (or establishing terms of reference or encouraging membership, etc.) is not the responsibility of the Executive.

The committee recommends that

  • A survey be conducted - Work with the current convenors to make this happen?
  • Guarantee IGs time at the conference, although they must create their own agenda.
  • Help with advertising and communications in a more formal way
  • Communicate that IGs are able to propose projects that will cost money.

APLA Bulletin

The APLA Bulletin should evolve itself to be primarily a vehicle for professional (non-academic) publishing rather than a source of news. This has been the natural trend in the past 12 months. Peer-review should not be explored.

Question to Executive: There has been a scarcity of submissions for "news from the provinces". Should we totally cut the News sections, or at least stop soliciting News and only publish if it is submitted?

The committee recommends changing the publication pattern from 5 issues / year to quarterly. A resolution for the OGM will be drafted.

The Interest Groups should be encouraged to each write a report or offer some content at least once per year.

The Advertising Editor Position has been officially abolished.

Communications and Public Relations

The terms of reference for this committee should be examined.

Since these are part of the standing orders they will require a resolution.

Regular tasks of the convener of the Communications and PTR Committee should be spelled out in the procedures manual.

The committee recommends having money set aside in each budget for promotions.

  • $1000 was set aside for 2012, but this should be recommended to the finance committee as an annual expenditure rather than a special projects amount.
  • More was spent in 2011-2012 for merchandise containing the new APLA logo, but this should be largely recouped through sales at the conference.
    • Any sales of swag should be cost recovery.

The objectives of promotions should be

  • Raising membership numbers
  • Encouraging more applications for our awards, grants and scholarships.
  • Broadening the focus of our target market out to promote ourselves to the general public
    • Programs like Games @ the Library are good examples.
    • APLA should promote these kinds of programs even if they are only for one province (like "One book, One province" programs)
  • APLA should explore methods for measuring the effectiveness of our promotions, or tying them specifically to membership numbers.


The committee recommends that the APLA conference should always be arranged as a joint conference with CLA whenever possible.

Ways to make the OGM more palatable, such as shortening the time-frame, dispelling with many of the reports that do not have pressing business, etc. should be explored in order to encourage participation and more frequently achieve quorum.

Respectfully submitted April 22, 2012,
Lou Duggan
VP / President Elect and Committee Chair