The APLA-LIST is an unmoderated discussion list for people who are interested in library issues in Atlantic Canada. The list is sponsored by APLA to provide a:

  • place to post notices about workshops, seminars, and other events
  • source of current information about actions of the APLA executive
  • forum for sharing questions, comments, and ideas about library services
  • a place to post job advertisements.

To Subscribe to the APLA-list, send a message with nothing in the subject line to:

In the body of your message include the following: SUB APLA-LIST [firstname] [lastname]

You will receive a welcome message. Save this as it gives you information on how to post to the list, check the archives, unsubscribe, and other commands which you may want to know.

Once you have subscribed you can send messages to the list at

You can search the APLA-LIST archives.

You may leave the list at any time, or adjust your settings, by going to  Select APLA-LIST, then:  “Join or Leave APLA-List”

If you have any questions about the APLA-list, please contact our communications advisor