About Games @ the Library

During the week of March 17 – 23, 2024, APLA will be sponsoring Games at the Library week. What does this mean? Anytime that week, we are encouraging all libraries in Atlantic Canada to host a game themed event of their choice (Croquet, charades, treasure hunts, video games, etc.)

Events can be geared towards specific age groups or the whole community. You are limited only by your imagination and energy levels! Our goal is to show that libraries are places where people meet, learn, and have fun.

We believe it is important to provide opportunities to community members to practice self-care through fun experiences and to connect with the community in safe ways.

Participants will be entered to win one grand prize for all Atlantic Canada. Ballots will be filled out by library staff hosting the event for safety.


Who can enter?

Everyone who plays or participates. Staff, students, community members, the young, and the young at heart.

How many times can they enter?

As many times as they play. They may enter multiple times, but it must be for different games or programs.

Where do we send the ballots?

Please enter your tally sheet information in the body of your email or fill out in black pen, scan, attach, and send.

Please arrange to have library staff fill out participant ballots in black pen, and scan and attach your ballots in a legible format, send both tally sheet information and ballots to games@apla.ca.

When do we send in the ballots and tracking sheet?

Please send the tally sheet and ballots by March 30, 2024. The winner will be drawn April 3, 2024 and the prize will be sent to the email address of the winner.

What’s the Grand Prize?

For Games at the Library 2024, the grand prize is a $175 online gift card to GameStop which can be used in store or online.

Downloadable materials


Each library can fill in games offered in English or French posters with these editable PDFs:


Available in both English and French, large and small JPEGs for print promotions, and small TIF files for social media promotion.


Please fill out in blank ink on behalf of participant, please include participants’ email addresses.

Tally Sheet

Please enter this information into the body of the email sent to games@apla.ca or fill out with black ink, scan, and email.

Please contact games@apla.ca if there are any difficulties accessing or editing files.

Game Ideas

Coming soon…