The APLA Bulletin is published four times per year (February, May, August, and November). An e-mail is sent to the APLA mailing list a few weeks before every submission deadline. Those who wish to know when the next deadline is or when the next issue is coming out can contact at any time.


What are we looking for?

Dynamic News Stories

Up to 500 words on an event/activity presented by your institution.

Submissions must be timely, contain a description of the event, and discuss the outcome.

Feature Articles

Up to 1,500 words on any topic related to libraries and information.

The article must be timely and include a thorough description and analysis of the issue.

Book Reviews, etc.

Up to 500 words on a recently-released book, article, or study.

The work must be introduced and evaluated with respect to its value to the APLA readership. We’re open to reviews of any books, but if you’re uncertain about your book, contact the Co-Editors.

Who can submit?

Anyone with something to say! Information professionals, librarians, library staff, students, and scholars are all encouraged to submit works for the APLA Bulletin.

What is the deadline?

One month in advance of the issue in which you would like your article to appear.

How do I submit?

Directly to the Co-Editors of the APLA Bulletin by emailing

Provincial news and activity reports (for our “News from the Provinces” section) must be submitted directly to your Provincial VP one month ahead of the next issue’s publication.


Picture files are welcome, but must be kept to a manageable size by not exceeding 500 x 500 pixels (or no bigger then 500 KB). Photos must be sent as a separate file (i.e., not copy and pasted in the document) and must be jpgs, or they will not be included.


Kathryn Rose

Bulletin Co-Editor


Kate McClintock

Bulletin Co-Editor