The General Activities Fund provides grants for projects or activities which will further the aims and objectives of APLA. Applications will be considered based on the availability of funds. Applications should state topic and date of activity, relevancy to the Atlantic library community and APLA, sponsoring bodies, estimated costs and revenues, and a contact person. Although a deadline is posted, the APLA Executive will accept and review applications for this award at any point during the year. GAF grant recipients are required to submit an article for the APLA Bulletin to be published within the same fiscal year that the grant is awarded. The article should explain for the APLA membership the event that was or is being supported and how the money was or will be used. Recipients may care to provide additional information for use on the website or for inclusion in the Bulletin, such as photos or links to external/event websites.

For more information please see Appendix E of the Procedures Manual.


September 15th of each year

Submission process

Applications should be submitted (email preferred) by September 15 to: