The APLA Memorial Trust provides funding for projects that contribute to the development of the applicant’s career and are of benefit to the library profession, through research, educational opportunity, or other appropriate endeavor.

The award amount is determined annually by the interest from the Trust. Please consider making a donation to the Trust as a means of assisting the professional development of present and future members and of honouring past members.


March 31st of each year

Submission process

Applicants must be members of APLA. Previous applicants and winners are eligible.

To apply, send a letter outlining your proposed project and estimated costs, and a copy of your curriculum vitae to memorial-award@apla.ca


2021Christina Pottie and Cheryl Stemström
2020Lindsey MacCallum
2019Patricia McCormick
2018Kate Oland
2017Jenn Carson
2016Cate Carlyle
2014Victoria Volkanova
2013No Award
2011Alison Black and Fiona Black
2010Xuemei Li
2009Denyse Rodriquez
2008Diane Buhay
2007Hansel Cook
2006Vivan Howard
2005R. MacPherson / P. Parsons
2004Staff at Memorial University of Newfoundland
2003Barry Cull
2002Fiona Black & Peter Glenistar
2001Eric Swanick
2000Angela Lonardo