The APLA First Timer’s Conference Grant was founded to support Atlantic residents to attend the largest regional, multi-sector conference for information professionals held annually within the region. To be eligible for this grant, an applicant must be a personal member of APLA, residing in Atlantic Canada, and planning to attend their first APLA annual conference.

Grants are allocated, consistent with general APLA guidelines, to help meet conference related expenses. Please note that grant amounts vary every year and are dependent upon available funds. If more applications are received than can be met by the fund, grants will be awarded by a random draw of all eligible applicants.

Recipients are expected to write a short report for the Executive and the APLA Bulletin summarizing their conference experience.


March 31st of each year

Submission process

Please include your name, business address, preferred contact information (e.g., e-mail, telephone, fax), as well as estimated costs associated with conference attendance (e.g., travel, accommodation, meals, registration), and sign and date the document. Please note that your signature indicates full knowledge of, and compliance with, all eligibility requirements. Submissions must be received by March 31.

Send complete applications c/o:

VP, President Elect